About us


Scene Christian Social Events aka Scene Portsmouth Plus (formerly South Coast Events) is a
Christian social group started in 2001 by a small core of friends. This friendly atmosphere has stayed with us and made us a welcoming group.
We are neither a business nor a dating agency but an extended group of friends and acquaintances who get together for various activities.

The group is run by Christians with a Admin Co-ordinator and various Event Organisers (all volunteers) who put together our ‘Core Events’.



index_castle-editedWho are our events and breaks aimed at?

Primarily Christian singles or couples. We do not hold events for children. Our aim is to offer a variety of activities that appeal, whilst having an enjoyable time making new friendships. We offer support and encouragement to each other in our daily Christian walk, to honour God, draw closer to our Lord Jesus and to each other.






What we do

We enjoy doing life together by meeting up either informally or on events such as walks, cinema nights, concerts, meals out, skittles, dances, barn dances and weekend breaks. These provide a safe environment to bring friends along to or come along by yourself to get a taste for the group.

On our weekend breaks as well as having fun activities such as walks, visiting places of interest and dances, we set aside times for Christian fellowship together.

Getting away from the usual routines can make it a great place to get closer to God.

index_bay-editedMembership and Participation

Participation is free (and always at your own risk)

Locals organise themselves and have a separate area (for mainly mid-week events, keeping our local group culture.) The ‘Solent Area’ open to those in the area who have attended events is password protected.

Where costs are incurred in setting up and running an event we aim to charge as near to cost as possible so that those on a budget are not excluded.

There are always ‘New Faces’

index_quay-editedThere are always ‘New Faces’

Frequently people remark that there are so many new faces as we host our events in different locations. We also have a lot of people who join in with us again and again as they like the way we do life and make new friends.




index_tree-editedWho become new friends

If you like meeting some great Christian guys, enjoy LIFE and having fun – these events are for you.






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